How do I contribute?

How do I contribute?

Thank you for wanting to contribute your data to the IRBAS database !

2a. How to get started

Once you are registered as an IRBAS database user (Login), contribution simply involves the use of data-entry templates (tab-delimited spreadsheets) which follow a database-compatible format.

There are three types of template: Site, Fauna and Environment. The type of template you use depends on the nature of the data you wish to insert:

  • Site: to insert geo-locational data and general summary information about the sampling sites and locations
  • Fauna: to insert taxonomical inventories of fauna and/or flora along with the sampling methods
  • Environment: physical and chemical data and sampling methods

These templates (empty and ready for you to fill in), a set of pre-filled example templates, and a full help guide for filling in the templates, are all available here.

Once you have filled in the templates with your data, you just need to save them, then you are ready to insert them via this interface !

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