Intermittent River Biodiversity Analysis and Synthesis

Our missions

  • Discover and quantify biodiversity patterns and relationships in intermittent rivers
  • Compile and synthesize data on intermittent river biodiversity and habitat
  • Provide policy-makers and resource managers tools for effective management and restoration of intermittent rivers
  • Raise awareness about the importance of intermittent rivers with scientists, managers, and the public

Our Objectives

The IRBAS project will compile and analyze biological, hydrological and environmental (e.g., land-cover, geology, climate) data from intermittent rivers (IRs) across the world. The datasets will be used to (1) estimate the abundance and distribution of IRs at regional and continental scales; (2) analyze temporal trends in flow intermittence; (3) identify and quantify relationships between flow intermittence, habitat dynamics, and structural and functional biodiversity; and (4) predict biodiversity responses to future changes in flow regimes.

The overarching goals of IRBAS are to improve our understanding of biodiversity patterns in IRs, raise awareness in the scientific and management communities and the public of the importance of these rivers, and provide guidelines for policy-makers and resource managers for effective water and habitat management, restoration and preservation.

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